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Pros And Cons Of Butcher Block Kitchens

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Butcher-block counter tops and tables give a beautiful effect to any modern-day kitchen. The woods used include Maple, beech and ash. If you are offering your kitchen area a makeover then believe about changing laminate top work surface areas with butcher-block ones. Butcher block is made from strips of wood glued together to resemble one solid piece.

The natural variation present in any wood gives interest and beauty to the surface. Work surfaces made from strong wood are never going to date, they just exude quality and you do away with all the downsides of laminates. No more scratches, no even more scorch marks or discolorations.

Maintenance of butcher-block tables and surfaces is what concerns lots of people. More upkeep is needed than for marble, granite or laminate. Wood is porous, so the surface area needs to never be left wet. Germs from meat and other foodstuffs will thrive if the surface area is not cleaned properly after each use.

Wash down with a weaken dish cleaning option after every use, then wash this off and dry the wood thoroughly. After cutting meat or chicken on your butcher-block surface area you must wash the surface area with a 10 % solution of a chlorine-based bleach. Leave the bleach on the surface area for 10-15 minutes, then wash and enable it to dry.

You will have to oil the surface area with clear paraffin oil occasionally, just wipe the surface area with a little oil on a cloth, leave it for about an hour, then wipe off any excess oil.

It is not a great idea to cut on your surface area since it will certainly quickly be harmed, no matter what covering is used. Buy a butcher block chopping board for this function, treat it in the same method, but the cutting board is quickly changed or sanded down and resealed if it is damaged.

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