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Performance Construction was created with a simple idea in mind – help home owners in Fulshear turn their vision into their reality. This may should simple and straight forward enough but in reality most home remodeling contractors don’t set out to do this. Most home renovation contractors want to take their vision and their ideas and remodel your home their way…because that’s all they know how to do. We are really a team of contractors with slightly different backgrounds but we all share the same passion.

Curtis loves working with natural stones and other natural materials and remodeling with the idea of incorporating the charm of nature with the luxury of modern living. He has experience in everything from building custom log homes and large outdoor kitchens to room additions and conversions.. If your vision is similar to his and would likely be a good fit for the skill set and design style that Curtis brings to the table – he will be the contractor that helps you….because he will be the best a turning your vision into your reality!

Bryan bring a slightly different skill set to the table. He has run crews of hundreds of workers as they transformed the Foley’s of yesteryear into the Macy’s of today. If you have a larger project in mind it is likely that he will be the best fit because he can easily manage the larger subcontractors needed for a whole kitchen remodel or room addition. Bryan has a long history of keeping project on time, on budget, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Kyle has wolds of experience in many aspects or construction and remodeling. Much of his experience and knowledge is in the fine design and details that are required for a premium home renovations. Home theater rooms, room conversions, covered patios, bathroom or kitchen remodels…you got it! Kyle knows the ins and outs of every detail needed to make sure your design comes to life just the way you want it!

We focus on whole room renovations and construction as opposed to smaller projects and repairs. We keep our overhead low and we have existing and strong relationships with suppliers, vendors and subcontractors so we can keep costs low and keep projects moving quickly by having the right materials and workers in the right places at the right time!