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A Love, Hate Relationship: Low Flow Toilets

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This will come as not a surprise, however were you aware that the majority of owners of brand-new homes are miserable with their low-flow toilets?

Since 1992, when the U.S. government mandated the low-flows, we Americans have been subjected to substantially less flushing power … about half the water per flush than the old made type. The newer units utilize about one and a half gallons of water compared to the older ones that make use of about 3 and a half. It does not take a brain specialist to figure out what will occur: half (or less)efficiency from our new plumbing fixture.

To be sure, innovation is working to fix the issue but the issue stays: we are simply not getting the service out of our “thrones” like we as soon as did.

Amongst the issues are that multiple flushes are had to give of the exact same amount of waste, obstructing problems, and additional maintenance. Likewise, they have been reported to overflow more quickly.

A few of the above concerns completely work against the problem of saving water. After all, if you have to flush 2 or more times, how does that conserve water. Beyond that, however, obstructing and overflow problems result in possibly devastating expenditures when flooring has to be replaced due to an overflowing toilet.

A current study of brand-new house builders and re-modelers has actually revealed that they, like house owners, are irritated with this new plumbing restriction. They have reported huge increases on service calls from unhappy consumers.

Water conserving methods and technologies are definitely a good idea. And, main thing is for sure: they are right here to remain. In fact, a house with low-flow toilets and low-flow shower heads can save countless gallons each year. And, who would not value the cost savings in water bills? Let’s just hope that the plumbing technology continues to get much better.

After all, to be king of your family, you need an efficient and budget friendly throne!

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